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Q: Is it ok if we use the hot tub after 10pm? (this breaks the house rules)
A: We prefer to to stay consistent with the 10pm rule. The bubbling noise from the hot tub makes it easy to talk loudly by accident and can be a disturbance for the neighbors late at night when they are trying to sleep.The rule is mainly to keep a good relationship with our neighbors as well as stay in compliance with city regulations.
Q: I really want to use the hot tub after hours, is it possible?
A: We do our best to be upfront about it by communicating it in the listing and a couple of other places, which is viewable before booking. You're more than welcome to use it in the morning, afternoon and most of the night. Again, this rule is just there to allow our neighbors to sleep when it gets pretty late without noise disturbances and comply with the city restrictions as well.
Q: Can I check out on Saturday?
A: We usually don't allow check-in or check-out on Saturdays, since most of our travelers are over the weekends. So we typically restrict Saturday check in/ out because of the importance of booking the full weekend.However, if you are willing to pay a portion of the other weekend date, we would be happy to make an exception. So basically just an extra $100 and you could check out on Saturday.Let me know if that works for you and we can sort out next steps!
Q: Is it possible the security deposit could be sent through the resolution center on the Air BnB app?
A: The security deposit will need to be placed through the link we provide. Just so you are aware we are trusted partners with Airbnb. Since we are professional hosts, they allow us to collect security deposits with our API connection. Without getting into too many details in this message, we require the deposit to be placed through that link and it causes a lot of complications and delays if it is sent through Airbnb. Here is a link that explains more about how our security deposits work.